Planet Of The Apps: Those for iPhone, BlackBerry and Nokia


Manage office expenses via iPhone

Mitek Systems’ Mobile Receipt app converts the photo of a receipt taken with the iPhone camera into a high quality image and, with a single tap, converts the data into a professional looking expense report.

It sends it to a designated email address complete with printed images of the receipts acceptable for reimbursement and tax reporting purposes.

Designed for the road warrior, Mobile Receipt simplifies the process of keeping, sorting and filing paper receipts. It claims to save time, enhance productivity and can help speed expense payments.

The user may store up to 100 receipts on the phone at once, and search by category. An upgrade option for a purchase of more storage and enhanced receipt search is coming soon.


Tazzle IT sends documents from BlackBerry to PC

Tazzle IT claims to be a quick and easy way to view, print, and send photos, email message content, attachments, and files from a BlackBerry to any PC. It allows the device to access the PC’s screen and printing capabilities, while securing the privacy and data on the smartphone and the PC.

Tazzle IT requires no network access, subscription, or cables – just a PC with a USB port, the Tazzle IT dongle and relevant software. The technology protects against unauthorised access to files on the PC and leaves the data on the BlackBerry device under the user’s control.

Tazzle IT does not use the PC hard drive and consumes almost no power, so it can be kept plugged into the USB port without worrying about overheating or battery consumption.


Protect a stolen device with Maverick Secure

Maverick Secure Mobile (MSM) is a security application for Nokia devices. It protects data by tracking a stolen device, retrieving a user’s phonebook and disabling the stolen device remotely.

The application works in hidden mode and cannot be viewed in the device. To open it a user has to press pre-defined short keys and password.

The user must also denote another mobile number that MSM will notify in the event of the handset being lost or stolen.

If a SIM change is detected, MSM encrypts all data on the device. MSM will send the phone number, device ID, country code, operator name and area code to the secondary number provided.

MSM will also update this number on activities performed on the stolen device. MSM can retrieve the phonebook from the stolen device.


Turn an iPhone into a ship’s logbook

Keen sailors out there can use the new JourSail application to quickly and easily document trips at sea in anything from a small yacht to a large ship. Logbook entries can be made hourly, every four hours, or daily. The sailing journal can be sent to friends and family as an email directly from an iPhone or iPod Touch.

Information such as current weather, navigation, service, and the changing of the watch, can be entered via the optimised user interface. Users can update on the total number of sea miles or days at sea, as well as conditions such as wind speed, air pressure, water temperature, air temperature, and when the vessel was last refueled. JourSail uses the internal settings of the iPhone or iPod Touch to automatically determine the position or to record the date and time of an entry.