Sharp End: 3 clawbacks


3, as organised as ever

3 has always been a hard network to deal with. But this week has highlighted even more of 3’s disorganisation.

We all understand the issues with clawback, where a network claws money back from a dealer because a customer has defaulted on their bills. But 3 this week has decided it wants ID proofs for a connection I did 12 months ago. What?

I can provide the proofs but what the heck is happening here? Forget the idea that clawback itself is just plain wrong; even if it could be justified then it should only be expected within a reasonable time period. Six months, at a push.

Twelve months later? This is just ridiculous. If the proof request somehow turns into a clawback you can bet your bottom dollar I’ll fight it.

Another notification came through from 3 this week also. This time 3 clawed back for a phone that was disconnected fifteen months previous.

Apparently, I supplied a business customer with a 3 connection, and at some point unknown to myself the customer became disillusioned with the service and phoned up 3, which allowed the customer to return the kit and they issued a PAC code so he could return to Orange.

There are a few issues here. Firstly, the timescale taken to notify me of a clawback due to disconnection – 15 months. Ridiculous.

Secondly, I knew nothing of a disconnection. 3 says it was within 14 days of connection, in which case 3 should have directed the customer back to me, the dealer, to handle disconnection.

3 should not have taken back the kit itself. Thirdly, if the customer disconnected within 14 days then why did 3 pay the ‘Quality Connection’ six months later? Fourthly, 3 is clawing back the full amount and not giving any credit towards the kit cost.

The kit was provided by me and paid for by me but returned directly to 3. No allowance has been made for this.

If 3’s systems are so crap it cannot report on a disconnection until 15 months after the event, then it has no place at all in my shop, nor I suspect others.

Full article in Mobile News issue 444 (July 27, 2009).

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