Dealer Sales Corner: Gamma SIM-only


Gamma’s SIM-only product can be used in any 3G device, whether PDA or mobile broadband dongle, so the dealer can sell it and the customer can use it for both voice and data functions.

It runs off the Gamma MVNO, which runs off the 3 mobile network. That’s a big plus as 3 is a major player, especially in the mobile broadband field.

The best thing about the Gamma SIM-only product is that the reseller/dealer owns the customer, as they are not contracted directly to any network.

The customer is therefore not tied into a complicated contract and dealers can make significant margins on the product.
Owning the customer enables the dealer/reseller to significantly build their value as well as giving them control of price and profit.

We sell at a wholesale rate and our partners set the retail rate and therefore the margins they earn. There are no upfront commissions.
It helps partners win new business and frees them up to offer a broader handset range to their B2B customers.

A lot of customers or companies will want to choose their devices before their price plan and the SIM-only offering allows this.

It enables great flexibility for the dealers and enables them to pitch for M2M business. Dealers receive an ongoing revenue from selling the product, which means they will always have a steady and predictable income coming in.

The demand for our SIM-only product has grown gradually and the recent explosion in the SIM-only market has helped immensely.
We’ve hired people to cope with the increase in popularity. Sales specialists are on hand to go to resellers, helping them learn more about the product and advising them on the best way to sell it.

We’ll push this more into the mobile dealer channel during the remainder of the year, and we have another complementary proposition pencilled in for September that will help us in the mobile dealer market, which we’re very excited about.