Planet Of The Apps: Popular Ovi apps


Handy Weather

This application, which is available to all S60 3.0 series Nokia handsets, claims to offer the most accurate weather forecasts.

To get started, users need a wireless internet access and can connect the device to receive weather forecasts for 40,000 preset cities worldwide. The weather data is provided by Intellicast, a meteorological company.

It claims to be faster than a web browser and has four screen views: a five-day weather forecast, five-day temperature graph, current conditions and detailed forecast for several pre-selected locations.

It also shows the daily temperature highs and lows in Celsius or Fahrenheit, a weather icon and text description, wind direction, gust and speed, the UV index, pressure, visibility and humidity. The application requires 2.577 MB of memory and retails at £17.99 (incl. VAT). Nokia has yet to confirm dealer revenue share details on all apps listed here.


Best Full Screen Message

Best Full Screen Message enables users to access a message when it is received regardless of what application is currently being used.

Instead of lying behind the application, the message will pop up immediately covering the application to avoid having to exit the application first.

It also shows the full message when the handset is locked and not in use to avoid having to unlock the handset and opening the message manually.

If the text message does not fit the screen you can scroll it up and down. You can switch between messages with left/right keys.
The application avoids time wasting experiences offering a quick way to view messages as they are received.

It enables four zoom levels and larger fonts for weak eye sights. The Best Full Screen Message app retails at £1.50.

Advanced Bloker

Advanced Blocker allows business users to manage their handset by blocking unwanted calls or messages.

It allows users to filter unwanted voice calls, video calls, text messages, MMS and WAP Push messages by changing settings in the application avoiding having to block the call or message manually.

Users create a blacklist or can import contacts from the handset’s phonebook to block numbers. Alternatively users can select any number not in the phonebook to be blocked.

Incoming calls are blocked with a busy tone and messages are silently filtered with no sound or light indication.

Advanced Blocker has a history log which shows all new blocked events. The application is priced at £26.99 and requires 0.243 MB memory. All apps listed here are downloadable via Nokia’s Ovi portal.


NetQin Mobile Anti-Virus

NetQin Mobile Anti-virus is a mobile version of the antivirus software which can be downloaded onto any Nokia handset.

The main features of NetQin Mobile Anti-virus include complete or quick file scanning, accurate and real-time monitoring, thorough viruses removal and infected file restoring and online updates.

NetQin is the first software to pass authentic certification by the Ministry of Public Security and product testing by the Research Institution of China Mobile and is recommended by

The website praises its easy to use navigation and thorough virus scanning technology.

It is also the first Symbian platinum partner in China’s security field and a partner of Windows Mobile security.

The application retails at £1 and takes up 0.451 MB of memory.