Quore gets Apple approval


Quore claims its Apple licence has been granted, meaning any accessories it releases through its accessories business Q-London will be approved by the manufacturer.

The Surrey B2B dealership has a number of products in development for Apple. Portable chargers and 2/3D glasses are already being sold and can be used with most leading handset manufacturers.

A noise cancellation headset, FM transmitters, speakers and a docking station for the iPhone and iPod (which can also be used with Nokia, Samsung and Sony Ericsson phones), are scheduled for release at the end of Q3.

The company is also working on a number of applications for the iPhone, with the start of 2010 pencilled in as a release date.

Quore managing director Ronnie Nag said: “This is great news for us. There has been widespread speculation about other networks taking on the iPhone and while this opens a new market for us, my prediction is that Apple will do the same in other countries, as two per cent market share isn’t enough.

“This is where we can add value to the operators and distributors who want a licensed Apple accessory manufacturer.”