New PocketSurfer devices


Device manufacturer DataWind has launched new PocketSurfer handsets and its first notebook. DataWind devices include a set amount of monthly mobile data usage for an upfront price. They run off a Vodafone SIM card.

The PocketSurfer3 (£199.99) and the PocketSurfer3 Lite (£159.99) now include 30 hours of free web usage per month. PocketSurfer3 also includes GPS navigation. Both run word processing, spreadsheets and scheduling programmes. DataWind devices do not provide voice calling.

The new UbiSurfer notebook (pictured) also includes 30 hours of free internet usage. The notebook computer, which costs £159.99, is the first in the UK to include free access to the internet as part of its retail price. Features include Wi-Fi, calendar, word processor, media player, spreadsheet, email and PDF viewer. After 12 months, customers can pay an additional £29.99 for another year of 30 hours’ web usage per month.

Data Wind sells direct, through Maplins and shopping channels.