Voda stocks latest BlackBerry


Vodafone has announced the availability of the BlackBerry Curve 8520 smartphone.

The BlackBerry 8520 device is the first from RIM to feature a touch-sensitive ‘trackpad’, replacing the pre-existing and problematic roller ball used to navigate the menu.

The 8520 also includes new ways to control the MP3 and video player, with the introduction of external media buttons along the top of the device for greater control, instead of access via the main menu.

Other features include Wi-Fi, full QWERTY keyboard, two-megapixel camera, including video and a 256MB of memory, which can be expanded to 16MB using a micro SD card and will support up to 32GB when next generation MicroSD cards are launched later this year.

The device retains existing BlackBerry email and internet capabilities, including the ability to sync up to 10 different email addresses to the device, but does not include GPS.

The Curve 8520 will be priced from free on selected price plans.