Device Advice: LG GC900, smarter than average forebear


The original LG Viewty handset was a good-looking smartphone, and a huge success for LG across the world.

What makes this all the more impressive is that the Viewty was released when touchscreen devices hadn’t really been recognised in the market, with Windows Mobile handsets the exception. The 5-megapixel camera was pretty impressive with the Xenon flash to enhance things further. This was followed by a variant with a keyboard and the similarly specified Prada phone, which had two incarnations.

The Viewty Smart is therefore the official successor to the Viewty and a lot has been done to make it different to its predecessor. Incorporating the excellent S-Class 3D user interface, first seen on the LG Arena and a platform that is now getting a lot of exposure through advertising, this slimline phone in fact looks better than the Arena and will suit any of your customers into LG down to the ground as the manufacturer prides itself on the design of its handsets.

The model we tried mixed black, gold and silver in a way that doesn’t look tacky, but it’s inevitable that LG will release a range of colours in the future, as seen with both the Arena and Cookie.

Screen and camera
It also has a 3-inch high-resolution (480×800 pixel) screen that really makes the phone stand out, from the menus to looking at pictures or browsing the web. It may not be the OLED display so commonly used on Samsung handsets, but it is 16.8 million colours and capacitive, meaning you don’t need to press down hard on the screen to get an immediate response.

Full article in Mobile News issue 446 (August 24, 2009).

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