Planet Of The Apps: iPhone and BlackBerry apps


Diabetes Manager

Diabetes Manager is an electronic diabetes logbook software application that runs on the Apple iPhone and iPod Touch. The WaveSense App is the first of its kind to be developed by a blood glucose meter manufacturer, Agamatrix.

The company says its app lays the foundation for a series of products to come that will take advantage of more mobile technology platforms to assist people with diabetes in the management of their condition. The WaveSense App features easy-to-use data entry, graphing of glucose data, integrated food intake, activity, and medication data management, insulin dosage management, statistical analysis of glucose results, integrated emailing of results. Settings can be personalised.

University of Washington diabetes specialist Dr Irl Hirsch commented: “Leveraging mobile technology to deliver better patient care is a major trend.”

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Zurich Financial Services has developed a new BlackBerry application for international business travellers called ‘Nomadz’, providing medical, health and security alert information to travellers.

The application combines information from governmental and travel advisory sources along with data unique to Zurich. Information is collated and analysed by Zurich and turned into alerts for any business destination. The subscriber can download travel information into the application to ensure they stay informed. Nomadz alerts users to any issues.  A key feature is the Emergency Assistance Centre which can be accessed by pressing just one button in the application.

This connects the subscriber to a 24-hour assistance service where the advisor instantly knows who is calling, where the caller is, and other relevant travel details.

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Sixt is the first car rental company to offer customers mobile rental bookings through BlackBerry devices, allowing users to reserve cars from around 3,500 Sixt stations in 90 countries worldwide. A confirmation is then sent by SMS. Accessible in nine languages, the application has already been available for the iPhone and has also been developed for Android. Customers can connect the Sixt application with BlackBerry features – for example saving rental station addresses and pick-up/drop-off times to their handset for quick retrieval. In addition, the BlackBerry’s GPS capabilities allow the application to locate the nearest Sixt stations. The app stores the user’s rental history and also allows them to cancel their reservation. The Sixt app also features a route planner and covers all vehicle categories including trucks. There is also the option to purchase insurance via the handset.

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British engineering consultancy BMT has partnered with German research institute Fraunhofer to develop a mobile guide book to allow travellers to discover the hidden truths behind some of the world’s most celebrated historical buildings and archaeological sites.

Users can point their phone at the relevant attraction and use the BMT tool, ‘iTacitus’, to superimpose images on the screen of paintings, lost frescoes and statues which once stood.

The tool will also suggest sites for people to visit using information gleaned from their mobile phone, so someone who has searched for the Uffizi gallery in Florence will automatically be sent information about the Accademia gallery and the best way to get there using public transport.  
It is currently available in beta mode for the iPhone, and there is potential for it to also be developed for Android handsets.

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