Nokia’s summer stock shortages


Dealers have reported a shortage of Nokia handsets, blaming the annual Summer closure of certain factories in Scandanavia.

Dealers said availability of stock is hard to find, and the turnaround time for orders has been drawn out. They claim particular shortfalls in availability of the Nokia 1208, 3110 and E63 (pictured), with orders taking up to a week to arrive.

Distributors Elite and Frequency have struggled with stock, claimed their dealers, with prices on certain models going up by £2-£3 on average as a result.

Nokia claimed there are no stock shortages, but has seen strong sales resulting in distributors selling out of popular handsets including the Nokia N97, 6700, 6303 and 5800.

A Nokia spokesperson said: “No device shortage but rather strong sales resulting in stock selling out. We’ve got a very good range in the market right now selling strongly across all channels and on some occasions, there has been short delay in supply arriving from our factories into the UK and being distributed to our customers.”

One dealer said: “This happens every single year. I don’t understand why nothing is done about it. All through the year we can order a handset one day and receive it the next, but in August it takes longer, inconveniencing us and our customers.”

Another said: “We all know it’s going to happen, but we always hope it doesn’t. It makes it difficult, especially if you don’t like to hold stock. If we order plenty in case it happens, and then can’t shift them, we are at a loss. Fortunately business is slower in the summer.”