Faster internet alters UK map


Faster internet connections will change the population map of the UK, as more people will move out of big cities, an Orange report found.

The Connected Britain report found that the South West of England could increase its population by more than 150 per cent by 2015.

Major cities such as Leeds, Birmingham and Manchester could decrease in population by as much as 80 per cent. But, the number of people living and working in London will grow by 40 per cent.

The report also found UK business could save up to £31.7 billion by developing a better work/life balance for employees.

Around 16 per cent of the 3,281 office workers surveyed, would prefer to take an average pay cut of £6,000, and 42 per cent would forfeit their company car to live and work in their ideal location.

The report also found that 27 per cent of people would give up their senior positions, and 25 per cent would forfeit future job progression to have a better work/life balance.

Orange UK director of corporate marketing Robert Ainger said: “This research reveals that far from being a financial barrier for business, flexible working actually presents a significant opportunity for businesses to save money and improve employee morale.

“Setting up an employee to work from home needn’t involve significant investment, just the willingness to give them to the tools they need to get the job done.

“Rather than waiting for the current economic climate to improve, savvy businesses will act now to reap the rewards offered by flexible working.”