GSUK seals Virgin recycling deal


Genuine Solutions’ recycling arm GSUK has sealed a deal with Virgin Mobile to recycle its waste accessories products.

All irreparable accessories will be broken down into recyclable parts by GSUK. The recycler will then reuse material for other goods and dispose of unusable parts.

GSUK project director Christian McBride said: “The Virgin Mobile account is a mile stone for us.  We’re also in talks with an independent retailer to provide a similar solution.”

GSUK has expanded its operations with the purchase of a 10,000 square foot building in its existing site in Chessington. The unit will open in the first week of September. GSUK now has 28,500 square feet of space for recycling accessories.

GSUK will recruit 10 operational staff to sort through recyclable accessories on the new site. McBride said it aims to expand its head count from 57 to 75 by the end of the year.