Apple paid-for apps trump Android


Mobile advertising platform AdMob has found that twice as many paid-for applications are downloaded per user on the Apple App Store compared with the Android Market.

AdMob’s July 2009 ‘Mobile Metrics Report’ combines AdMob network data with survey results from more than 1,000 users of iPhone, iPod touch and Android devices.

The report finds that for both the Apple App Store and Android Market, the majority of users find new apps through browsing and searching directly on their mobile device rather than their computer.

Of users who have bought paid-for applications, the top reason cited for their purchase decision was that they liked the free version of the app, demonstrating that free-to-paid conversions are a key factor in the paid app market.

Nineteen per cent of Android users regularly download one or more paid apps a month from the Android market, compared with 50 per cent of iPhone users and 40 per cent of iPod touch users.

However, users who do purchase paid apps on either platform exhibit similar downloading and spending habits. Android and iPhone users download around 10 new apps per month, while iPod touch owners download an average of 18.

This survey was conducted with 1,117 respondents over a one week period, spanning Android, iPhone and iPod touch users on the more than 7,000 mobile sites and 3,000 applications in AdMob’s network in July.