High demand for Nokia SL3 crack


The team behind the unlocking solution for Nokia phones with the SL3 security update says it is being inundated with requests to unlock the handsets.

Stoke-based Mobile Phone Solutions, which unveiled the DM3BOX last May as the first direct BB5 unlocking solution, is now unlocking newer models with the SL3 software including the N97 (pictured), 6700 and 6303.  These were previously unlockable.

A Mobile Phone Solutions spokesman said: “We’re dealing with a massive backlog. This is not really surprising as unlocking SL3 phones has proved to be impossible across the dealer channel.

“As far as I’m aware we’re the first in the world to be able to do this and can turn around handsets inside 48 hours. It’s a big coup for us. We hope to have the backlog cleared by the end of the month and also have dedicated service centres up and running.”

Dealers claimed demand to get SL3 handsets unlocked hasn’t reached its peak yet as the price paid may be considered too high.

One said: “Many consumers think paying £50 per unlock is too much. But the demand will explode if  40 per cent is slashed off this price, which I think will happen soon once the company has become established.”