B2B job market swells, pay falls


Salary available to jobseekers in the B2B mobile market has dropped by an average of £5,000 per annum in the past six months as redundancies have spiked and vacancies have dwindled.

Employers are lookig increasingly for more highly skilled candidates at the same time.

Wye Recruitment sales director Spencer Davies (pictured) said: “The recession has definitely affected the number of jobs in the B2B sales market and corporate arena.”

Davies said salaries for B2B sales people appeared to have fallen from an average of  £30,000 per year to £25,000 per year. 

The most common vacancies in the B2B sector, according to Davies, are junior sales roles, with more senior positions for sales or account managers being harder to come by as those left with secure jobs in that area are staying safely put.

Hardest hit are experienced sales managers who have been made redundant after earning salaries of around £50,000, and have since found it difficult to find work as dealers are reluctant to pay high salaries.

However, B2B dealers looking for quality sales staff should be prepared to pay attractive salaries to maintain staff retention.

Peplow Recruitment manager Graham Sedgley said: “Dealers are not going to attract good people if they think they can offer a small salary. A low salary attracts people who are desperate.”
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