Mike: Nokia shortages beggar belief


For the umpteenth year, retailers have been hit by August shortages of Nokia handsets. Not all distributors appear affected – its direct partners 20:20 and Data Select at least appear to have retained stock through the dry period.

But down the food chain, the dripdown has slowed. Leading UK B2B dealers can’t get delivery of an E63 anywhere easily. Nokia’s Summer factory closure, or reduced operation, is an industry joke.

Everyone talks about it; Nokia never admits to it, on the record anyway. Instead, it trots out a line about shortages because of sales and demand.

To its credit, the trade price of the N97 did go up for the first time since launch, backing shortages of that particular device. But dealers want to know what’s happened to the 1208, 3110, 6300 and E63, not the high-selling N97, 6303 and 5800.

But what is this anyway? A slow-down in production because it is the Summer holidays?

Nokia is attempting to convince the world it is a progressive software house, not some megalith in an outmoded construction industry that shuts when there is a strike – or a holiday.

Really, Nokia should sort this Summer lull out. It has happened too many times, disrupting important clients’ businesses.