Orange to buy ad agency Unanimis


Orange has announced it is to acquire all of digital advertising network Unanimis.

The acquisition is expected to contribute to driving the France Telecom Group’s revenues from nine per cent to 20 per cent in new growth areas, including advertising.

The network claims the acquisition will allow advertisers, buyers and media agencies to reach around 72 per cent of the UK’s online population and 66 per cent of the online population across the UK, France, Spain and Poland, through the combination of Unanimis’s advertising network and Orange’s mobile and web assets.

Unanimis has exclusive online advertising relationships with website brands such as the AA, Ticketmaster, ASOS, Gumtree and It claims it has the most extensive digital advertising portfolio in the UK and the acquisition will put Orange and Unanimis at the forefront of the country’s digital and mobile advertising market.

Orange has cited figures that online advertising is the fastest growing advertising segment in UK and is expected to account for 27 per cent of total advertising spend in the UK in 2011, up from 19 per cent in 2007. Orange and Unanimis will also have strong positions in new growth areas such as mobile advertising.

Orange Advertising executive vice president Paul Francois Fournier said: “With the acquisition of Unanimis, Orange now has strong footholds in two of Europe’s three main digital advertising markets – France and the UK – which provide outstanding opportunities to pan-European advertisers and agencies while enabling us to accelerate our plans for growth from the mobile and online environment. Our combined strengths will help us to achieve the group’s overall ambition to drive revenues from nine per cent to 20 per cent in new growth areas, of which advertising is a key strand.

“Unanimis brings with it knowledge and expertise in performance-related advertising, one of the fastest growing segments of the market. Through their established network, we will also be able to maximise our own assets and, importantly, offer advertisers new ways to reach audiences through our web and mobile portals.”

Unanimis chief executive Damon Reeve added: “The combination of Orange’s assets with our renowned digital advertising expertise will appeal to a broad spectrum of advertisers, marketers and publishers. Technologically and culturally, we share much in common and we are very excited by the prospects we see ahead, not only for the web advertising opportunities but also for the, thus untapped, mobile proposition.”

Orange UK chief development officer Gerry McQuade said: “The Orange mobile portal, Orange World, and our fixed portal attracts over 12 million monthly users and with the advances in handset technology coupled with new prices plans, this is set to rise even further. More companies are increasingly turning to the mobile internet to enhance the way they advertise. A key part of our strategy at Orange UK is to grow and evolve our business in order to offer advertisers richer opportunities to engage with people. Combining the marketing opportunities offered through our mobile and web portal with the impressive inventory and sales expertise of Unanimis will give us huge strength and allow us to help advertisers reach audiences in new and exciting ways.”

Unanimis will continue to operate under its brand name and will become part of the Orange Group Advertising Network, which offers advertisers and publishers an opportunity to reach new audiences by leveraging Orange’s assets across the PC, mobile and TV platforms.