Networks in Digital Britain meet


Representatives from the five mobile networks today met with Secretary of State for Business, Innovation and Skills Lord Mandelson and Digital Britain Minister Stephen Timms to confirm the Government’s commitment to the Digital Britian report agenda.

Progress is said to have taken place on the spectrum reallocation front. A resolution is to be made by the end of the week and independent spectrum broker Kip Meek is to present his proposals shortly.

Mandelson and Timms both emphasised the importance of the mobile networks in ensuring the UK has a world-class digital and telecommunications infrastructure. 

Lord Mandelson said: “Britain needs an active industrial policy in order to take advantage of opportunities for jobs and growth as we emerge from the downturn.

“A key component of Digital Britain is delivering a world-class telecommunications infrastructure to enable UK businesses to compete and thrive on a global scale. The UK’s mobile network operators have a pivotal role in making this a reality.”

The meeting also discussed spectrum usage for mobile internet and next generation services. Lord Mandelson said he was encouraged by progress in this area, and looked forward to seeing any remaining issues of detail being resolved within the next few days.

Lord Mandelson said: “The wireless spectrum will play a key role in increasing digital participation, including access to broadband in rural areas.

“The Independent Spectrum Broker, Kip Meek, will present his proposals shortly and we will be considering these with great interest.”