Nokia makes green guarantee


Nokia has commited to become industry leader for recycling of mobile devices.

Nokia said at its Nokia World event in Stuttgart, Germany, today (September 2) that the majority of its handsets will be compatible with the universal industry charger by 2010 as well as existing Nokia chargers.

It also said most handsets will be free of brominated and chlorinated compounds and antimony tioxide, which cannot be broken down and recycled.

By the end of the year, Nokia aims to reduce CO2 emissions by a minimum of 10 per cent and 18 percent by next the end of next year. It claimed this will save a minimum 32,000 MWh of energy in its facilities from 2007 through 2012.

Over the last 10 years, Nokia has reduced the amount of energy required to power its chargers, which are now 95 per cent more efficient than 10 years ago.

Deutsche Telekom said it supports Nokia’s “green focus” and will be encouraging customers to trade-in old handsets, use online billing and download songs to reduce plastic wastage

Deutsche Telekom chief executive Rene Obermann said: “In Germany, there is a huge emphasis on cutting CO2 emissions. We’re committed to sustainability and support Nokia’s efforts.”