Devika: Nokia World realities


This year’s Nokia World event in Stuttgart, Germany, was very different for one reason – the sheer volume and types of devices being announced has indicated that Nokia is on the attack.

It’s finally stepped up to the competition from new entrants in the industry, and shown it will fight back against the threat of losing market share to iPhone and BlackBerry devices.

Nokia told delegates and journalists two years ago that it wanted to establish itself as the world’s leading service provider and hardware manufacturer, but admitted this year it bit off more than it could chew as the launch of its Ovi services bombed.

It believes next year is the year for Nokia. It even had a motivational speaker, who tried to convince delegates to stop thinking negatively and only remember the positives in life – a reasonable attempt to make people forget about its recent ill fate.

But how well will Nokia do in this new converged market?

Nokia itself has pointed out it needs to learn a lot about the computer industry, netbook hardware and internet services.

When quizzing the brains behind the Booklet 3G, chief designer Ian Buckle said it will have to rely on its brand strength alone to encourage customers to choose Nokia over its rivals in this new market. A bold statement if recent handset bugs, and failed internet applications are anything to go by.  

Even it’s executive vice president of communications, Kari Tuutti candidly told me he is sceptical about the networks’ opinion of its computer tablet mobile phone the N900. He reckons the fact the device cannot be customised by networks will hinder operator partnerships.

But, despite its problems this year, Nokia still manages to spark interest with consumers and has a global customer base of 1.1 billion. Perhaps a sign that one mustn’t be so cynical.

Its brand seems to be untouchable and untainted regardless of its downfalls. If it gets the marketing right, the Booklet 3G will prosper in the laptop market and updated software for new phones will encourage further sales in the mobile market.