New Carphone ‘Customer Journey’


Carphone Warehouse has changed its retail sales process to encourage staff to be more customer focused.

The old ‘Solve process, which involved a script about Carphone’s independent stance, has been replaced with ‘Customer Journey’, a six-part sales procedure.

The processes involves welcoming the customer, engaging with them, fact-finding according to their needs, personalising the experience, completing the deal and seeking a referral.

Staff who have already been trained on the process said it is more about behaviour towards the customer and meeting customer needs, rather than about selling many products to one person.

Staff who have already undergone training will be asked to do presentations on the process to other sales consultants and managers within the region over the next month.

One staffer said: “The old process was robotic; it felt like you were reading from a script, because there were certain cue words you had to say to prompt the customer during the sale.

“The new process is more fluid and will encourage staff to build rapports with customers.”