Nokia: networks may reject N900


Nokia said the N900 will not sell as well as its other devices, as networks will be discouraged to stock it.

Nokia executive vice president Kari Tuutti told Mobile News the N900 user interface cannot be customised to include network applications, which will be a bone of contention with the networks.

As a result, Nokia may find it difficult to form network partnerships for the internet tablet, Tuutti said.

Tuutti said: “We have a good, long lasting relationship with the networks, but we understand that they may not be happy with the user interface because it cannot be customised.”

Nokia executive vice president of markets Anssi Vanjoki also hinted sales may not be encouraging as the N900 is the fourth generation internet tablet out of Nokia’s five generation programme.

Vanjoki said, although the N900 is “great product”, further innovation is still to come to create a fifth evolution in internet tablet devices.

Vanjoki (pictured) said: “In 2004 I announced a five-step programme with five generations of software evolution that will come with what will be the next generation of computers.

“The Nokia 770 was the first step, the N900 is the fourth. We have one step to go before we will have what we believe is the future of computers.”