More T-Mobile commission cuts


T-Mobile has scrapped targets and commission for sales from prepay migration to contract completely. The move has angered staff as prepay to contract migrations account for about 20 per cent of sales.

The move follows a report in Mobile News last issue that commission for prepay migration was reduced from up to £6 to 50p.

Staff also claimed that store sales targets have increased by 40 per cent from September 1, although T-Mobile said this was not the case. No further details were available at the time of going to press.

A T-Mobile spokesman said: “It is incorrect to say we have increased overall sales targets for retail. I can confirm we are no longer counting pre to post pay migrations as new additions, but we still compensate staff for these transactions.”

Staff claimed area managers informed them last month of a proposed target reduction of 20 per cent, on the back of prepay migration targets being scrapped.

T-Mobile told staff the changes were a “cost cutting measure”, as prepay migration does not provide enough revenue to justify a target, while the target increase was said to be on the back of poor performance in August.

A staffer in London said: “T-Mobile is trying to find any way possible to save money.”

Meanwhile, T-Mobile said its “realistic” marketing of its mobile broadband service and not charging for exceeding data allowances had led to greater customer satisfaction than within other networks.

The network said its service was rated highest in more categories than any other mobile network in an independent YouGov survey of 2,068 mobile broadband users conducted in July 2009.

T-Mobile mobile broadband category manager Ralf Pearson said: “The reason our feedback is good is that we market our service in a realistic manner. We advertise that mobile broadband is for when you are out and about, not for downloading large peer-to-peer files.”

Pearson also said that while T-Mobile had previously pushed mobile broadband on more of a contract basis, it would move with the market towards more flexible prepay offers.

T-Mobile also claims to be the only network that does not charge for use beyond its monthly data allowance.