Nokia claims edge on IT vendors


Nokia said it will sell its Booklet 3G predominantly through the mobile channel as it is better suited to sell mobile computers.

Nokia vice president of communications Kari Tuutti said Nokia has been in discussions with IT distributors and retailers to sell its N900 tablet and Booklet 3G devices, but said the mobile channel is its preferred route to market.

Tuutti claimed Nokia’s long-running relationships with the mobile network operators (MNOs) puts its Booklet 3G ahead of competitors in the space.

Said Tuutti: “Dell and Acer don’t know the networks like we do. The operator channel is going to be the most important way to market for us. Our relationship is a long one and they have the resources to ensure our products reach the end user.”

Nokia refused to comment on whether the Booklet 3G will be the first of a range of netbook-style computers, but said there will be more computer-based devices launching next year.

Nokia chief Olli-Pekka Kallasvuo said: “We are leading the charge in smartphones and beyond as manifested in the Nokia N900 and Nokia Booklet 3G, two great examples of how the world is changing and Nokia is driving this change.

“The Nokia N900 is the first tablet device with cellular capability. It’s beyond a smartphone. It offers a true computer-grade performance and functionality on a compact device. It is the best browser device ever. This device was a natural next step for Nokia as it gives customers more choice.”

Nokia’s strategy is to work across multiple platforms for multiple needs. It will focus on three categories – phones, smartphones and mobile computers.