Planet Of The Apps: iPhone and BlackBerry apps


ContactCrypt 1.6

SMobile Systems’ ContactCrypt 1.6 is now available on the App Store, after previous releases of iPhone encryption software have proven to be easily bypassed by numerous security experts.

The application is built to encrypt sensitive personal and business data including contact names, home addresses, account numbers, phone numbers and email addresses.

ContactCrypt claims to be the first, third-party security application on the App Store to specifically protect and encrypt core components of the iPhone operating system itself (other encryption applications supposedly only provide a vault mechanism to store user passwords).

SMobile Systems president Neil Book said: “The iPhone is a prime target for loss and theft. ContactCrypt has been developed to help iPhone consumers keep their personal and business information safe.”

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Got’cha Mileage

Mileage records can be difficult to keep up to date with messy scrawls, but Got’cha Mileage is a mileage application to enable a user to track their travels in an easy and efficient way.

Users can enter their start and finish points from their vehicle’s odometer readings into the application to calculate the total mileage for each destination. The finished product can then be emailed as a Microsoft Excel file.

Users can choose from their contact list as to where they wish to send the file once it has been created – sending it either to themselves or the relevant manager. Multiple trips can be saved to each date.

Users can also choose a range of trip date totals to send. Previous mileage data can be modified, and selected records can be deleted. The application is currently available on the BlackBerry App World app store from £2.15.

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Mobile Enhanced Print Application

PlanOn’s new software-as-a-service (SaaS) Mobile Enhanced Print Application for BlackBerry delivers full page printing of web pages, documents, spreadsheets, PDFs, images, all via the handset, a subscription service and mobile printer hardware.

The service allows users to print directly through the BlackBerry using the PlanOn PrintStik Bluetooth mobile printer.

The service claims to take the concept of the “mobile office” to the next level of convenience. BlackBerry users taking advantage of the new service will have complete mobile print capability without having to connect to a laptop or other computer, such as in a hotel business centre or internet cafe, while away from the office. PlanOn is offering the Mobile Enhanced Print Application via an SaaS subscription model for individual users. The service is free of charge for the first year.

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Global Risks Fact File

Available as a free download as it is still in beta mode, the free Global Risks Fact File provides a package of development, demographic and risk data as well as country and regional maps.

The application includes vital statistics on over 200 countries’ populations, languages, religions, land area, climate change, exchange rates, GDP and more.

It also presents data on global risks that impact business including education levels, financial markets, HIV/AIDS, malaria, natural disasters
and more. All data is stored offline on the BlackBerry to ensure fast performance and accessibility in remote regions.

A full paid version will be available later this year, which will provide more detailed access to over 100 global risk indices and 70 interactive maps on issues including political risk, human rights risk, climate change vulnerability and emerging powers.

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