Service staff ‘priority’ for MNO JV


Maintaining call centre and customer service staff numbers will be a priority of the new Orange/T-Mobile MNO (mobile network operator) joint venture, a spokesperson said today.

Concern has mounted at the amount of jobs to be cut across both organisations as the merger fuses over the next 18 months. A company presentation outlined that 120 stores would be closed across both networks, resulting in job losses across the retail estate.

However an Orange spokesperson said call centre and customer service staff numbers would remain of high importance as the joint venture would be responsible for 38 million customers.

The spokesperson said: “Indeed, we will need an absolute army of staff in the call centres, as service will be prioritised within this new venture. Front line roles will be most protected.”

T-Mobile UK executive Richard Moat, who is assume the role of chief operating officer in the joint venture, told Mobile News: “It’s too early to say what staff cuts will take place. Our first priority is to look at insourcing jobs that have previously been outsourced, eliminating contractors and then only looking at compulsory head count reductions. We have 19,000 staff between us so there are potential synergies in some respects.”