Sharp End: Facebook 3.0 for iPhone


3 clawbacks for business

Last issue I reported on how 3 had imposed new draconian clawback terms for business connections that leave dealers liable for clawbacks for business disconnections throughout the entire term of the business contract, regardless of whether the dealer had followed 3’s guidelines and obtained correct proofs.

I am happy to say 3 has now altered its terms again and introduced the following more dealer friendly message: “Any lines that are disconnected within 180 days of connection will be liable for full clawback. 

If correct proofs are provided within two weeks of the clawback then full commissions will be repaid.  If your level of disconnections exceeds three per cent of your total connections in any six month period, 3 will clawback all commission repayments made within that period. 

If 3’s investigations show connections have been made to non-business customer’s proof protection will not apply.”

Although not perfect this sudden change in terms will ease some of the worries expressed by so many people about connecting business customers to 3.

Facebook 3.0 for iPhone

Facebook has released version 3.0 of its iPhone application. Version 3.0 has been a long awaited software release and brings many new features to the iPhone application as well as a pleasant new “finger friendly” interface. 

Some of the enhancements include video uploads directly from iPhone (3G S only), upcoming events, view/write notes, upload photos to any album, make friend requests and quickly call your friends.

For anyone who use this style of social application I’m told the Facebook 3.0 update is a very welcome and polished upgrade.

T-Mobile enhances Combi

T-Mobile has introduced new 24-month Combi tariffs which include enhanced allowances. All tariffs from the £15 per month option now include unlimited texts.

The inclusive cross-network minute bundles are 100, 200, 700, 800 and 1,000 for the £15, £20, £25, £30 and £35 tariffs respectively. Voicemail calls are not included in bundled minutes but if you tell customers to dial their own mobile number instead of the normal voicemail number then they can access the voicemail without being charged as it will come out of the inclusive allowance.

There are some lines that this little get-around does not work on but it does work on most numbers, mine included.

O2’s Mobile Landline

I had some training recently which was laid on by HSC at a hotel local to me. The training was very informal with a very small group of attendees which I believe made the discussions better tailored to our needs – rather than being a speaker general talking to a room full of delegates discussing a topic as vaguely as they can to try and accommodate all attendees’ knowledge levels.

Amongst the discussions we had was to do with the new service from O2, called O2 Mobile Landline. As someone who never connects O2 this was particularly interesting and informative. I came away thinking this new offering from O2 could potentially be very big, if promoted in the right way to the SME market.

Basically, O2 Mobile Landline allows a business to have a standard geographical landline number beginning 01 or 02 and for customer calls to register on their mobile phone without incurring expensive call divert costs. Business customers can even bring over their existing BT landline number to the service or even choose to have a free-phone number instead.

The service will cost the user £10 per month and, for a limited time, customers bringing their BT number over to the service can have it for free when taking on a new O2 business contract.

There are some nice little extras that can be configured with O2 Mobile Landline and these will allow a user to nominate more than one mobile number to ring. For instance if someone calls the landline number the service can make several O2 mobiles ring at once and whoever answers the call first gets it.

Or the service can be set up to transparently call different O2 numbers sequentially if one of the numbers does not answer within a specified time.

Business users can even extend their reach by making their business look as if it covers a much larger area than it actually does with Extend Business Reach.

With Extend Business Reach, a customer can have up to five different geographical numbers that will all ring through to the O2 Mobile Landline number. For instance a customer could have a geographical number for Birmingham, Manchester, London, Glasgow and Sidcup and all numbers would call the O2 Mobile Landline number.

This is a great service from O2 for the smaller business as the cost for the service is even cheaper than having a BT landline.