NFC tipped to reach masses by 2013


A new report suggests that 700 million consumers globally will have mobiles with Near Field Communication (NFC) technology inbuilt by 2013.

Juniper Research found that NFC will be used by consumers for low value products such as tickets and food and that there is a significant market for such technology.

The report said the speed of NFC technology uptake by retailers and the availability of NFC mobiles will affect the success of the technology.

Juniper Research report author Howard Wilcox said: "NFC is an exciting and versatile technology that has great potential to make many everyday tasks such as buying small value items as well as tickets much easier.

“In future, users will also be able to discover new services by holding their NFC phones next to smart posters and advertisements. The Oyster card in London and the recent O2 Wallet trial results confirm the promise of NFC."