Recycler launches new business


Recycling company Redeem has launched a new consumer website offering up to £255 for old mobile phones and MP3 players.

Redeem, who has a head office in Falkirk, Scotland, has been in business for 10 years. It recycles a number of different products including MP3 players and mobile phones, predominantly through B2B channels worldwide selling in to other markets.

The company launched its new ‘Mobile Cash Monster’ (MCM) consumer web site this month, after successful trial under the name of ‘Money 4 Your Mobile’, received on average 13,000 hits per month.

Customers can log on to the site, input their handset details and be given an estimated value based on its condition.

MCM will then send out a free-post envelope for the customer to send back complete with handset and receive payment either by cheque or in to a bank account within seven working days. 

Current prices on top handsets includes £255 for an Apple 16GB iPhone 3G S, £110 for the Sony Ericsson Xperia X1 and £145 for the Nokia N86 8MP. director Simon Dunn said: “We have been listening to our customers and appreciate that what they look for most when trading in handsets are great cash deals.

“With people replacing or upgrading phones as regularly as six to 12 months, there is a perfect opportunity to generate money from your old handset and spend it on whatever you want!”