Industry must boost data demand


The industry must work together to increase consumer interest in mobile internet, to ensure growth compensates for the decline in voice and text revenues, according to Deutsche Telekom.

Deutsche Telekom chief executive Rene Oberman (pictured) said at Nokia World in Stuttgart, Germany this month that established players must work together to create demand for the service.

Oberman said: “This once expensive hobby has turned in to big business.

“The figures are impressive. Data traffic increases by several hundred per cent year on year.

“The trend will continue, however, it’s excess revenue at the moment. It’s not enough yet to compensate for the loss in voice and text revenue. We must create new growth, beyond excess.”

Oberman said organisations must become “ambidextrous” to address price pressures as well as investing in new business models, distribution channels and new customers.

He added: “Simplification is also necessary. 59 per cent of customers think devices have to many functions and it’s a burden.

“We have to work together in focussing on simplifications, in particular with the user interface.”

Deutsche Telekom said it has doubled its Web ‘n Walk subscribers in the last year to 18 million users globally.

Oberman said the growth was a result of data being more affordable and mobile internet being easier to use.