20:20 dealer sales up 38pc


Distributor 20:20 Mobile revealed to around 40 selected dealers at its event at Beaumont House in Old Windsor on September 10 that the average dealer sale per customer has increased by 38 per cent since the launch of its Premier Partner programme in June.

The programme’s dedicated portal is now being used by 98 per cent of its 50 members, with 72 per cent using it daily.

Said 20:20 Mobile sales director Steve Sanghera (pictured): “The average increase in sales is 38 per cent per customer.

“With those top line numbers you can see the success we are experiencing.

“That is purely down to the value adds we are offering and the ease of being able to order through the portal and the information it provides.”

20:20 also claimed it has now reached its ambition to become the “best in class” mobile distributor.

Said Sanghera: “The programme has far exceeded our expectations and the proof is in the pudding that we have made the right decisions.”

Sanghera told Mobile News that since the programme’s launch, all 50 of 20:20’s major partners asked to join its Premier Partners club have all since signed up, after the distributor outlined its ambitions and offered ways to increase volume. All partners have reported an upturn in sales.

20:20 created a partner portal for its elite team, which for the first time offers online ordering, tracking, marketing insight and faster repairs.

20:20 managing director James Browning added: “The key is to make life easier for the customers.

“If our partners can go to one internet based portal and buy every product they need and at the same time check for compatibilities on accessories and applications, it will do just that.”

Another addition to the portal deemed a success is the ability for selected partners, not just Premier Partners, to order additional stock more quickly, and in smaller numbers, by allowing the ability to pay via credit card. This launched last month to 75 of 20:20’s  selected partners, many of which do not have a credit agreement with 20:20.

20:20  admitted that previously, this process was time consuming, but had now been simplified.

“The take up of people buying products with the credit card has been tremendous, particularly with our accessories business,” said Sanghera.

“We haven’t gone out to 1,000 dealers and given them the facility to do it – everything we do, we do in steps. So we have chosen 75 accounts, which we know historically have bought via credit card and we have had over a 50 per cent uptake within a matter of weeks.”

However despite such success, Sanghera and Browning claim the company is still in the early stages of rebuilding its reputation after admitting it had been “sitting back” for too long.

The company claims it has developed a number of new services for dealers similar to those offered to its major corporate partners.

These services now include web hosting, dealer-branded magazines, dealer customer service, dealer branded application store, customised packaging, and dealer storage within 20:20;.

Said Sanghera: “There is so much more that we are investing to ensure our portal is the most advanced in the market place.

“20:20 is the UK’s largest distribution partner business, and we need to behave like it.

“We need to offer services which are market-leading. Not only do we have the opportunity and facilities to offer that, we have also simplified it.

“What we want to do is to offer something dealers truly understand, so they can pick and choose what they think will truly add value to the growth of their business.”