Dealer Sales Corner: VoIP for dealers


The reason VoIP is so attractive is that customers pay a small monthly subscription. They can call anywhere in the world for a lot cheaper than the cost of calling from a fixed line.

A business might pay £600 per month for an ISDN 30 circuit which gives 30 lines. You can replace it with one internet connection which enables up to 60 concurrent calls for a quarter of the price. VoIP also allows users to work from home, or anywhere they can access the internet – which suits customers who work from home.

Telappliant offers a business VoIP service with several tariffs. Our entry-level call plan is £24.99. Customers get five VoIP lines, 5,000 minutes for the UK and a telephone number.

So, why will VoIP be big business, and why buy from us? Well, now is a time when people are looking to cut costs. Apart from head count, telecoms is next in line on the guillotine.

Providers such as BT would charge £15 a line per month. Adding 5,000 call minutes for the UK would cost £50. So there is a saving of at least 75 per cent through our VoIP solution.

We offer VoIP as a white label service, so dealers can strengthen their brand and won’t need to invest in VoIP infrastructure. We provide the maintenance, after care service and install the product.

Telappliant’s revenue scheme works differently to traditional mobile ongoing streams. Telappliant sells its minutes at wholesale prices to dealers who then decide what price to sell the minutes for, therefore determining their own profit margins.

We sell minutes for around 0.6p each. The dealer can then sell the minutes on for, say, 2p per minute or even 5p. We leave the pricing up to the dealer so they can decide what their profit is.