Nokia goes from Ovi to Evo


Nokia is to roll out new ‘Evo’ concept stores globally, which will focus on its ambition to be a service provider.

The stores will have dedicated sections for email, maps, music and games. Live demo devices will be showcased in each section.

Handsets will not have specifications on display, but instead will have instructions on how to launch a game, download music, start navigation or write an email.

Stores will also feature large touchscreen televisions highlighting Ovi applications. The music application will enable customers to create playlists and email them to their account.

The first of the new ‘Evo’ concept stores will open in Dubai’s Emirates Shopping Mall by the end of the year.

Nokia will roll out the new concept to other Nokia stores by the end of next year. Nokia flagship stores will not change.

Nokia said it will be talking with networks and independent retailers about its new services orientated concept, and hopes some will adopt the concept in a dedicated area of the store.