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Nio – the new ‘gadget guardian’

Software firm TenBu has unveiled a technology called ‘Nio’ that secures mobile phones and other portable devices by creating a personal alarm system powered by Bluetooth.

Nio consists of a Bluetooth tag with a software link that downloads directly on to the user’s mobile phone, creating a personalised security zone of up to 25 metres. The Bluetooth tag may be attached to another valuable item, such as a set of keys or a laptop.

When the security zone is breached, both the tagged item and the mobile phone emit an alarm. Users can preset specific times for the tag to go active, for example when commuting.

TenBu Technologies director Ben Hounsell said: “Nio prevents not only the time, cost and stress of replacing the lost item and its data, but the very real cost of someone gaining access to and abusing your personal information.”

Microsoft Exchange Mailbox on iPhone

Cortado’s hosted exchange service allows users to set up a Microsoft Exchange account with mobile email from their iPhone.

Cortado claims to be the first provider to offer iPhone users the ability to use Microsoft email applications immediately from their mobile device, eliminating the need to connect via a PC. Users can set up their exchange account directly from their iPhone and can try the Cortado mailbox with mobile e-mail, calendar and address book synchronisation free for 30 days.

A Cortado spokesman said: “Fewer freelance professionals are operating their own mail server environment and are instead opting for the inexpensive and maintenance-free choice of hosted exchange, as Cortado has already provided for years with growing success.”

A free demo account is available at

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TAAP Transaction for Windows Mobile

TAAP has released its new card payment transaction feature for Windows Mobile devices.

‘TAAP Transaction’, allows card payments to be processed on mobile devices. Information is securely processed as it is sent through an encrypted Merchant Services Gateway. Card details are not stored in any of TAAP’s systems.

The user enters details of the customer’s card, transaction amount, and optional mobile number for delivery of an SMS receipt. The transaction is captured in real time.

Windows Mobile devices with styluses also support signature capture, so customers can also sign for a transaction.

The application can be extended for invoicing so that transaction details can be transferred into customised invoice templates, converted to PDF files, and emailed to customers.

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Vlingo speech recognition tool

Vlingo claims to be “the fastest way to get things done on a mobile phone”. Users can take advantage of their time spent driving or walking by completing tasks through Vlingo.

It allows users to ‘talk’ to their mobile device to instantly send a text or an email message, call a friend, create a note to themselves, or search the web.

They say what they want, such as “Find a Pizza Express in Cambridge” or “Send message to Ashley, message, congratulations on the launch”.

Users can also update social networking sites by speaking into Vlingo, open applications and uses Google Maps.

Vlingo will be preloaded on the Nokia N97 and E72. It is also available for iPhone, BlackBerry and Windows Mobile devices. For an upgrade fee of £12.99 or a monthly fee of £3.49, Vlingo Plus allows users to send unlimited text and email messages.

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