Window Shopping (21/09/09)


Carphone Warehouse
Three years after the UK intro of the hugely popular KG800 Chocolate, Carphone claims the rights to the BL40 Chocolate. Its forthcoming release is only eclipsed by Samsung comms around the Jet and the Tocco Ultra.

Phones 4U
Samsung drops full window displays in-store this weekend. Lots of noise elsewhere but the main voice goes to Sony Ericsson with the W995 (live internet feeds), the Blackberry Curve (social networking) and the Nokia N97 White (free film download).

You can either use your Blackberry 8520 to ‘tweet your heart out’ or to streamline your small to medium size business in-store at Vodafone. Pictures of middle-aged, pot-bellied mechanics attract a certain SME segment with three months free line rental for new BlackBerry converts.

The LG GB220 budget prepay clamshell (£39.14),  occupies full window space in O2 stores as does the BlackBerry-killing LG GW300 (£88.08 on prepay in O2 stores).  Apple remains constant taking a quarter of all window comms. It’s the absence of the Samsung Tocco Lite which is most noteworthy this weekend.

Over half of Orange’s high street comms is devoted to Nokia. Hero phones include the low tier Nokia 2330 at £39 and mid-high tier 6700 at £195.70 on prepay. Elsewhere, it’s a blend of the Blackberry Curve 8520, the Samsung E1360 (£19) and no LG comms for the second week in a row.

After a week of speculation about the future of the UK company, nothing changes in-store, from a promotional perspective. The mid-tier contract and most prepay propositions are occupied, aggressively, by Nokia. Samsung mops up the rest.

The Sony Ericsson Skype campaign seems to have come to a close with the obscure brand ZTE appearing in store to offer a prepay bargain for under £40 in the form  of the F102 handset.