Nokia unlockers’ expansion


The team behind the unlocking solution for Nokia phones with the SL3 security update will open up to five dedicated service centres in the next few weeks.

The service centre partners, which have yet to be announced by Stoke-based Mobile Phone Solutions, will mainly focus on unlocking these handsets.

The company, which unveiled the DM3BOX last May as the first BB5 unlocking solution, is now unlocking models with the SL3 software including the N97 (pictured), 6700 and 6303. These were previously unlockable.

Mobile Phone Solutions says it can turn around SL3 handsets within 48 hours. A spokesman said: “As far as I know there is still no one else out there that can unlock SL3 handsets. People need service centres where phones can be unlocked quickly.

“We’ll start with four or five service centres. There is a lot of trust from customers involved in high-end Nokia phones so as the number of phones with the SL3 update increase and volumes into us grow, so will the number of service centres.”