Redstone goes back to Anglia


Redstone Mobile will revert to its former identity, Anglia, following its acquisition by Daisy last month.

Redstone Mobile is officially to be known by the full name of  “Anglia Telecom Centres”, which it was known as before the business was acquired by Redstone in June 2006. The new branding is to come into effect on September 28.

The service provision sector of the business will be rebranded Daisy and will be integrated with the service provision division of Aerofone, which Daisy acquired earlier this year.

The acquisition of Redstone Mobile is the most recent move for the Daisy group, which, headed up by Matthew Riley, splashed out £37 million on acquiring businesses AT, Eurotel and Redstone across August and September.

Anglia managing director Dave McGinn said: “It was an easy decision for us. Anglia Telecom was, and still is, a strong brand name within the mobile arena with some of our advertising campaigns still remembered, even from people outside the industry.

“Anglia is all about the people, both those who work within our organisation, our business partners, and the relationship we have with the networks. The success of our relationships with the networks comes as a direct result of our relationships with our business partners, ensuring our business direction is one which benefits us all.”