WorldSIM dual-SIM handsets


North London-based roaming SIM company WorldSIM is to release a range of branded, dual-SIM handsets this month for customers who have locked phones.

It is looking to increase partnerships in the mobile channel to roll out its products, which will also include a SIM with both a UK and US mobile number and a data roaming device.

The first dual-SIM handset will be an entry-level touchscreen device with low megapixel camera and MP3 player.

The handset will be followed by two more releases, one of which will be a QWERTY keypad device and another optimised for web browsing.

Pricing has  yet to be announced but WorldSIM will bundle the handsets with its roaming SIM, as well as sell them SIM-free.

It currently sells a range of SIM-free and bundled handsets from mainstream handset manufacturers.

WorldSIM’s branded handsets are to be made by an Asian manufacturer that it would not name.

WorldSIM director Arif Reza said: “We are releasing our own brand dual-SIM handset because handsets in a lot of countries are locked, so it is difficult for customers to use another SIM.

“Customers will have two services in one phone.

“They will have all the features of standard phones but be tuned to work well with our roaming SIM as well as a network SIM.

“We are also launching a data roaming dongle in the next few months.”

Reza said WorldSIM was in the process of negotiating a new mobile distribution partnership.

“The dual-SIM handsets we are launching are not just useful for travellers, but people who carry two phones,” he said.

WorldSIM’s ‘multi IMSI’ SIM, with both a US and UK mobile number, will launch next month. The multi IMSI SIM will be sold alongside its standard roaming SIM, which claims to save customers up to 95 per cent of their mobile roaming bills.