Carphone stocks mobile Wi-Fi


Carphone Warehouse has teamed up with 3 and T-Mobile to offer portable wireless router devices.

3’s Mobile Wi-Fi went on sale through the retailer on September 17, and is available on prepay priced at £99.99 or on contract for £15 per month on a rolling contract for £69.99 with 5GB download allowance.

The Novatel Wireless Intelligent Mobile Hotspot 2352 will be available on a T-Mobile and is available from early October.

It is available free on a £20 18-month contract with 3GB download allowance.

Both routers can have up to five devices connected at the same time.

The Novatel device has 16GB internal memory which can be expanded with a MicroSD card and supports storage of music, videos and pictures.

Carphone chief executive Andrew Harrison said: “As mobile broadband connectivity increasingly becomes a priority for both business and entertainment purposes, our customers will embrace the flexibility of the Novatel Wireless Intelligent Mobile Hotspot 2352.

“With freedom from hotspots, users can leverage the device to access email, check their social networks and download files from anywhere there is a mobile connection, including moving trains or vehicles.”