Cutting Room: O2 fixes on BT


O2 must be applauded for keeping the news of whom it was partnering with under wraps.

Through various comments, O2 business sales director Ben Dowd had led us, if not the entire B2B channel, to believe it would look to acquire rather than partner, although it must be said that Dowd has not dismissed this as a possibility going forward.

Dowd also confesses the network has set itself some “tough” targets, but is happy to stick out its chest, and declare it wouldn’t have entered if it didn’t believe it would achieve them.

And it’s difficult to argue against it doing so. O2 currently, whilst the merger between T-Mobile and Orange is finalised, has the greatest market share of the mobile market.

Something it achieved without acquisition. Indeed, Dowd was happy to discuss how O2 currently has more B2B and corporate customers than T-Mobile and Orange combined.

Full article in Mobile News issue 448 (September 21, 2009).

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