Device Advice: Nokia 6700 classic – the perfect upgrade


If your customers aren’t really after a touchscreen device with a huge display, or the need for pinpoint accuracy, they can still get regular phones that won’t mean missing out on all the features.

There are still traditional candybar handsets offering the goods, which is certainly the case with the 6700 classic, the real successor to the immensely popular 6300.

The 6700 retains the simplistic design of the 6300, but updates things with the addition of GPS and Nokia Maps, 3G (with HSDPA) and a five-megapixel autofocus camera. There’s also a small LED flash that is unexpectedly bright.

Unlike a lot of handsets on sale today, this isn’t a smartphone and so it makes do with Nokia’s easier to use Series 40 user interface. This is a UI that has been keeping Nokia owners happy for years, although it now has the odd tweak. If wanted, it can even be customised to retain the original look.

When the phone is taken out of its box, the usual power supply, USB cable and manual can be found. What’s missing here though is a lint-free cloth, which is essential as every part of the chrome case picks up finger marks. If you stock these cloths, they’re an easy seller with the 6700 as all you’ll have to do is show the customer how much the phone smudges.

The 6700 is rock solid though, with a responsive keypad and well-spaced buttons. There are two sockets at the base of the phone for charging; the traditional Nokia mini-DC connector and a now standard Micro-USB one, which also caters for the data communication or a headset.

Easy imaging
Your customers would be right to think that this isn’t going to be too hot in the imaging stakes but also wrong in some respects. The 6300 only had a two-megapixel camera and the 6303 a 3.2-megapixel one. A tap of the camera button on the 6700 and the instant start-up time makes this phone better than most digital camera. There are no camera controls or settings to play with, but for a simple point-and-click camera that works in low light thanks to the super bright LED, the 6700 matches up well.

Full review in Mobile News issue 448 (September 21, 2009).

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