Free 3 SIM card for Skype users


Mobile operator 3 has launched a free SIM that lets users make Skype-to-Skype calls and send instant messages for free from their mobile to other people on Skype.

Skype can be used by anyone via the 3 SIM from a compatible and unlocked 3G handset. To get started, users can visit 3’s website to see if their mobile is compatible and apply for two free SIMs so one can be given to a friend. They can also learn how to download Skype quickly and easily from the 3 network and start making free Skype-to-Skype calls and send Skype IMs straight away.

3 UK head of internet services David Kerrigan said: “Earlier this year in a world first we opened up our network and enabled our customers to access Skype. Expanding this offer, our SIM launch makes it possible for anyone with a 3G handset to take advantage of free Skype calls without conditions or restrictions.   It’s simple – if you want to talk on mobile for free, just pop in a free 3 SIM and give it a go.”

Skype EMEA general manager Russ Shaw said: “The expansion of our relationship with 3 indicates another leap forward in providing people across the UK with free internet calling on their mobiles. The demand for mobile access from people who use Skype has never been higher and Skype, in partnership with 3, is committed to developing new ways to provide people with an enhanced experience.”