BCW mini phone to hit retail


Three major retailers have agreed to stock Bluechipworld’s VX-1’s credit card-sized budget handset (pictured).

Managing director Simon Hassell said several other retailers were also showing a “keen interest” but would not give any names.

“We’ve been to every high street retailer we can think of,” he said. “Three have confirmed that they’ll stock it while several others have been impressed with what we’ve shown them. There has also been a lot of interest from retailers in Germany, Belgium and the Netherlands.

“We’re currently waiting for the final samples. There are a lot of things still to be confirmed, such as who will stock it and who will put a SIM with it. This first handset is all about the concept but it’s our next device
that we’re more excited about. We want to ensure we get everything absolutely right first time around.”

Hassell also said that Bluechipworld’s target of getting its new credit card-size-mobile into UK retailers in the first week of October may not be met.

The company is waiting for the final sample to be completed. Details on availability are still to be finalised.