3 unveils Free Agents programme


Mobile operator 3 has launched the 3 Free Agent programme, allowing customers to earn cash by promoting free prepay SIMs to others using their own social networks.

It free to become a member of the programme. Freeagent.three.co.uk hosts a dedicated portal to allow them to organise and email their contacts and keep a check on how much money will be paid into their PayPal account once their shopper has topped up. A Facebook widget allowing 3 Free Agents to personalise it to their home page and promote free SIMs to their wider social networks will be launched soon.

Customers using the free SIMs in 3G handsets benefit from free texts, internet and 3-to-3 calls for 90 days after top up, even if they run out of credit. Those with compatible 3G handsets also have access to free Skype-to-Skype calls and messages as well as Windows Live Messenger without topping up.

3 head of online Ash Roots said: “We are looking to drive distribution and use of 3 PAYG SIMs by giving people an easy way to earn money from us. We want to give them something back for recommending new customers to us.

“There is nothing new in giving away free SIMs as SIM only is a growing section of the PAYG market. But 3 Free Agents is the first UK initiative available now that rewards customers with cold hard cash for promoting and distributing SIMs using the internet.”