Dealer Sales Corner: Destiny Fast Dox


The new Fast Dox is absolutely perfect for the dealer community because it’s low cost and easy to sell.

It’s basically a cleaver bit of software, which allows the user to print any document from their own PC to create a digital document using patterned dots, which are recognised by the digital pen.

Once printed off, you can use the digital pen, write on the paper and when done, dock it back in the PC or send via Bluetooth from your phone. It sends its information to the software and displays a crystal clear PDF of the original document complete with the pen strokes.

It is targeted at anyone who wants to reduce or remove the effort of faxing, posting or scanning and the ability to quickly take down data out in the field and send it back to the office where it can be processed within minutes.

Anyone can sell it. We offer training to anyone we engage with, be it the distributor or dealer. There is no additional cost for a dealer to start selling; all we ask is for a minimum order quantity of five units. Very simple concept and is open to anyone who captures information on paper.

O2 and T-Mobile are selling it directly. With Vodafone and Orange selling through dealers.

It is also being sold through distributors, including Avenir, Fone Logistics and is available through most O2 Accelerated Partners.

It works like a prepay phone, customers buy credit bundles from their dealer or online who buys from us at wholesale price.

The end user price for the package is £299, and the customer pays 10p for every page written on. That’s written on, not printed. The dealer margins are £60, and they will then receive two pence every time a page is written on for life.

Additional margins are available if they buy a Go Mobile licence to use it via a mobile phone. The licence is £85 for the year and the dealer makes £20.

We have had interest fromvaried customers, from oneman- bands to corporate. It’s for anyone in a business who wants to capture information and store it or send it electronically.