HSC widens dealer programme


HSC has opened up its loyalty programme, The Mobile Club, to include SIM-free handsets as well as airtime. The qualifying business now includes SIM-free handset sales as well as airtime connections.

Dealers who buy SIM-free handsets from the distributor will earn Mobile Club points at the equivalent rate as contract connections. 150 handset purchases in the quarter also gives them access to the exclusive VIP section of the club. Dealers can also become a VIP with any blend of airtime and hardware as long as the total sales exceeds the minimum 150 threshold.

In addition to the forthcoming Christmas conference and awards party, Mobile Club VIP membership will also earn dealers a place at a new exclusively quarterly roadmap event. HSC said this will ensure that dealers are first to know what new models are coming down the line from all the key manufacturers.

HSC sales manager Carlos Pestana (pictured) said: “Being part of CPW, HSC offers the full range of SIM free handsets with ‘first to market’ models, extremely competitive prices; the pure scale of the business means we don’t have the same volume or target pressures as other distributors, allowing us to hold the complete range and not have to cherry pick providers.

“It makes sense at this time that we are proactively growing our hardware arm to incorporate the sales into The Mobile Club VIP criteria. Our stance is to reward all quality business whether that is airtime, hardware or software related in the new world of convergence.”