Planet Of The Apps: Latest BlackBerry finance apps


Take Mortgage Calculator househunting

Mortgage Calculator Pro for BlackBerry offers to look over the numbers for its users when shopping for a house and comparing properties and mortgage brokers.

Using the ‘find the number of payments’ function, users can enter how much they are willing to make in repayments each month, an interest rate and a loan amount. The application will calculate how long it will take to pay off the loan. It supports other currencies such as dollar, euro, pound, yen, as well as mortgages outside the UK from the US and Canada.

It can help customers get around estate agents who may try to talk them into buying a more expensive house than they can afford.

When speaking with a mortgage broker, users can use this to calculate on the spot the difference in payments between different rates, to make a better, more important decision.

Monitor finances with CashFlowHawk

Users can take control of their finances with CashFlowHawk, which claims to give them the ability to calculate property cash flow and investment returns.

CashFlowHawk calculates cashflow, loan repayments, annual interest, adjusted outgoings as well as adjusted net cashflow according to the chosen repayment frequency.

It can also calculate the return on investments made over a period of time. It tells the user the total value reached at the end of the term and the interest earned over the period.

It also allows users to identify what repayments they can afford and how much can be borrowed based on the repayment figure. Repayments can be calculated weekly, fortnightly or monthly.

Users can save their data so they don’t need to keep re-entering information such as interest rate and loan duration each time.

Get a new Personal Assistant

The Personal Assistant application enables users to monitor banking, credit card transactions, and investment accounts, track phone minutes, see itineraries, manage air miles and more.

From a single page view, users can check if their flight is running on time and how many minutes are left on their monthly mobile phone plan, all contained within a secure log in.

Users can also use Personal Assistant to stay on top of bill due dates, as well as viewing eBay bids and feeds from social networking websites.

Users can have their financial account transaction history organised by date, including purchase amount and merchant, summary views of credit card balances with available credit tracking and a financial balances summary page that allows users to view all their finances at a glance.

The application is also available for iPhone, Android and Windows Mobile.

Track expenses with ProOnGo Expense (in beta)

ProOnGo allows users to track business mileage and expenses from their BlackBerry. With ProOnGo’s receipt reader service, the application enters all of the expense data from a user’s receipt images, so that filing an expense can be as easy as snapping a picture of any receipt with their handset.

Expense reports with receipt images included can be emailed as Excel, Fax, XML, CSV files and more. It saves using typing or handwriting expense information as well as keeping track of old receipts that could end up unreadable or lost.

Receipts can also be backed up online, and receipt images can be altered for privacy (for example, card details blacked out).

It has support for multiple currencies and exchange rates. It operates in offline mode in case there is no internet connection. Expense reports can be sorted, filtered and hidden, and can be integrated into QuickBooks programmes.