Unlockers mixed on iPhone news


The release of the iPhone 3G and 3G S to multiple networks has received a mixed reaction from the unlocking community.

A northern-based dealer said: “This is positive news for unlockers. Now the exclusivity has been lost, the price of the handsets will plummet, meaning sales are likely to grow significantly.

“Not much has changed on the iPhone since the first model was released nearly two years ago and more people buying it will therefore mean that more will get bored of it easily. They’ll then want to get it unlocked and perhaps sell it on.”

Fone Doctors proprietor Faisal Sheikh (pictured) said: “People will still want iPhones unlocked, especially those looking to jailbreak their handsets, allowing people to bypass the App Store and download a host of applications previously unavailable through the App Store. The applications market is huge and will continue to grow.”

However Ace Fones assistant manager Dan Shortall believes that breaking the exclusivity will mean customers will be happier with their phone due to the wider choice of networks.

“This isn’t great news for us. Unlocking iPhones in the past couple of years has been popular for us because the O2 coverage
around the local area is poor. It will only be a total disaster if they become available on all networks,” he said.