ZTE to supply 3 prepay handsets


Chinese handset manufacturer ZTE has announced it is to provide handsets to 3 in the UK, Ireland and Sweden.

The first model to be delivered in all three countries is the ZTE F102 3G handset, featuring a two-megapixel camera, MP3 player, colour screen, Bluetooth, USB and a Micro SD memory card. It also includes Skype and Windows Live Messenger.

The rollout is part of ZTE’s strategy to boost its European market share through network partnerships.

3 product manager David Moore said: “ZTE has helped us to develop and expand our range of prepay handsets in the UK, bringing high specification, stylish devices to a wide audience. This has helped us to meet consumer demand for mobile internet services on low cost tariffs.”

ZTE UK sales director Tony Brunt said: “The UK, Ireland and Scandinavia are very desirable markets for us and have opened up a wealth of opportunities of which we have been taking full advantage. Starting with 3UK, 3 Ireland and 3 Scandinavia, ZTE is fully geared to support H3G’s global business and other operators. We aim to become one of the top five handset developers worldwide by 2011 and our goals are clearly in sight.

“With competitive products and high quality hardware we are becoming a force in the handset market in Europe and will continue to partner with reputable operators to produce outstanding results.”