Mainline in porting incentive


Orange distributor Mainline is providing B2B dealers with an additional £30 bonus for every business connection that is ported to Orange from another network.

The bonus comes on top of any other applicable bonuses, and applies to leaders and sharers on every ported account. For example, £150 would be made by the dealer if they brought a business customer with one leader and four sharers from another network to Orange.

The offer applies to net new business connections to Orange during Q4, where Orange receives a PAC code between October 1, 2009 and January 31, 2010, and the customer successfully ports to the network.

Mainline managing director Andrew Boden (pictured) said: “This is a tremendous way to boost their margins and to further strengthen Orange’s proposition and its position in the B2B marketplace. Dealers with customers wanting to port to Orange could generate significant and substantial revenues by doing so via Mainline.”